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Fiera Antiquaria Arezzo Room

Antique market in Arezzo

For 40 years the Antique Fair in Arezzo is known by enthusiasts and curious.


All of the first weekend of every month, the center is filled with colorful stalls in a fantastic mix of antique furniture, prints curious of modern furnishings and objects of our childhood.

In the days of the inclined plane and Antiques Fair irregular Piazza Grande, surrounded by crenellated towers and palaces, and bordered by the gallery designed by Vasari, returns to "market" and is filled with antique dealers, collectors and curious.
The courtyards of the buildings and lodges come alive with stalls overflowing with all sorts of objects invade the streets and lanes, alleys and squares throughout the old town.

Fixed exhibitors coming from all over Italy and are now more than 500 with their furniture, paintings, porcelain, books and antique prints, watches and clothing.
And for all there is the pleasure to look like a big treasure hunt!

Founded in 1968, designed by the antiquarian and collector Ivan Bruschi (whose house, a huge trove of valuable collections, is now a "house-museum" visit), the antique fair of Arezzo, monthly and long-term success and consolidated time.

And thanks to the success of exposure outdoors, only in Arezzo today there are more than 100 antique shops, a number that in thirty years of fair has increased tenfold, suffice it to say that in 1968 the antique shops in the city, were not more than fifteen.

In addition to these workshops researchers and collectors, many shops display selected pieces of great value and offer more pronounced specialization for collectors and connoisseurs: furniture and furnishings, still lifes, paintings of religious subjects, paintings of all time, and then jewelery, watches silver, books and prints, modern, scientific instruments, radios and gramophones, musical instruments, toys.

The high-quality hidden object, curiosity, the "piece" missing a valuable collection, opens already during the evening before the opening of the market - when the goods are still packed in the truck - and closes, often after heated negotiations , Sunday at sunset.

As witnessed by the American writer Frances Mayes in her book "Beautiful Tuscany" you can certainly say that in every house around Arezzo, in Rome, to over Florence, there is definitely an object, a painting or a piece of furniture, and found purchased at the antique fair of Arezzo, the oldest, the largest.

Weekend Tuscan antique furniture antiques, objects, tables, chairs, period furniture,

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