Mostra Icastica Arezzo itinerante

Thanks to the initiative of the City of Arezzo, Giuseppe Fanfani in particular of the Mayor and Councillor for Culture, Joseph Macri, in cooperation with, amongst other things, with the local Chamber of Commerce, the city will open on June 8, for close on 1 September 2013, a review of international aesthetic culture of absolute value, which aims prestigious and unique to the area. It is figurative, a manifestation of the current visual culture centered on an international exhibition of contemporary art accompanied by events that emphasize the social nature of the work to this day. Such moments-conferences, seminars, ballet, theater and music, characterize and delve into the creative language of the new millennium in the world.

The exhibition will be held every two years or annually and propose, for the first edition, the theme of women as an example of commitment, levied and vitality, in the logic of freedom and human rights. Figurative meaning "art of representing reality" means effective action, incisive, so evocative and, in this sense, just because synthetic. The subtitle of the first edition - Art, Freedom, Rights - areas that also characterize the side events.

During the exhibition occupied the main venues around the city to show use: 12 spaces, plus some of the churches and most picturesque squares in the city center, to identify which natural place for artistic and architectural installations. The figurative artists of 2013 come from five continents, without restriction of age or no need for numerical balance between the nations to which they belong. More than 30 names, including established, well-known and young people, will be presented and evaluated by a scientific committee of recognized value, which will reward the work with the Chimera Gold (Lifetime) and bronze (the talent).

Will present the works of Yoko Ono, the great artist of world hunger. The neo octogenarian former wife of John Lennon will build and assemble three installations in the city, one that will occupy the whole of the former church of St. Ignatius and two in the nearby venue of Palazzo Vincenzi, in Cesalpino.

It now seems certain also the arrival of important works of the famous artist Marina Abramovic.

Among the side events theater (with Emma Dante, Monica Guerritore and Luciana Savignano), dance and moments of reflection, thanks to active cooperation and curated by Andrea Biagiotti.

The work of preparing the event figurative progressing at a relentless pace in 2013 under the artistic direction of Fabio Migliorati, which relies on the collaboration of international organizational Finnish Paivi Tirkkonen.

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