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Icastica 2013

From the 7th June to the 1st September in Arezzo.

Arezzo will host an extraordinary and prestigious aesthetic cultural event. ICASTICA. 1st International Arezzo Biennial of Art is an exhibition focusing on international contemporary art combined with architecture, design, theatre, music and dance. Installations, forums, workshops and performances will identify the characteristics of and deepen our reflection of creative language from artists all over the world. The event will take place every two years. The first edition will be devoted to women as a tribute to their commitment, strength and vitality. ICASTICA means "the art of representing reality”.

The concept is precise and flexible in as much as it builds on the word "glocal". Glocal comes from the theory of the sociologist Roland Robertson and the liquid theory of the philosopher Zygmunt Bauman, who merge “global” and “local” into the word Glocalisation. The town centre of Arezzo as a whole will be involved in art events. Museums and ancient buildings, several magnificent churches and some of the most beautiful squares in Arezzo will house contemporary art, past and present side by side. Arezzo will see contemporary art through the works made by 40 female artists, some of who took their inspiration from Piero della Francesca, Pietro Lorenzetti, Cimabue and Vasari.




Icastica 2013


Location and Artists:








A – Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea: Tamara Kvesitadze, GEORGIA; Tania Bruguera, CUBA; Ximena Garrido-Lecca, PERU’; Cecilia Paredes, PERU’; Tatiana Akhmetgalieva, RUSSIA; Marya Kazoun, LIBANO; Soyeon Cho, KOREA; Belle Shafir, ISRAELE; Raeda Sa’adeh, PALESTINA; Shaikha Al Mazrou, EMIRATI ARABI UNITI; Yin Xiuzhen, CHINA; Chen Ke, CHINA; Cui Xiuwen, CHINA; Shirin Neshat, IRAN; Nina Papaconstantinou, GRECIA; Maddalena Ambrosio, ITALIA; Tamara Ferioli, ITALIA; Carla Mattii, ITALIA; Whitney McVeigh, UK; Candice Breitz, SUDAFRICA; Kiki Smith, USA

B - Museo Casa di Giorgio Vasari: Marina Abramovic, MACEDONIA

C – Museo Archeologico Mecenate: Virginia Ryan, AUSTRALIA

D – Museo Nazionale d’Arte Medievale e Moderna: Vibha Galhotra, INDIA; Carole A. Feuerman, USA; Chiharu Shiota, GIAPPONE; Federica Marangoni, ITALIA; Amy Cheung, HONG KONG – CHINA

E – Palazzo Comunale: Vibha Galhotra, INDIA

F – Chiesa dei SS Lorentino e Pergentino: Andrée Weschler, SINGAPORE

G – Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi: Carole A. Feuerman, USA; Chiharu Shiota, GIAPPONE

H – Basilica di S Domenico: Mona Hatoum, LIBANO

I – Basilica di S Francesco: Heike Weber, GERMANIA

L – Casa delle Culture: Remen Chopra, INDIA; Vibha Galhotra, INDIA; Monali Meher, INDIA

M – Urban Center: Anastasia Ax, SVEZIA; Monali Meher, INDIA

N – Palazzo Chianini-Vincenzi: Yoko Ono, NUTOPIA; Jennifer White Kuri, USA; Liina Siib, ESTONIA; Marianna Uutinen, FINLANDIA; Carole A. Feuerman, USA; Virginia Ryan, AUSTRALIA

O – Sala S Ignazio: Yoko Ono, NUTOPIA


P – Piazza Guido Monaco + Via Guido Monaco: Tamara Ferioli, ITALIA

Q – Corso Italia + Portici di via Roma: Alicia Martin, SPAGNA

R – Logge di Giorgio Vasari + Piazza della Libertà: Kaarina Kaikkonen, FINLANDIA

S – Piazza S Francesco: Federica Marangoni, ITALIA

around Icastica

- theatrical shows (project by Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo e Andrea Biagiotti)

T – Piazza S Domenico - June, 30 - Isabella Rossellini

T – Piazza S DomenicoJuly, 18 – Monica Guerritore

T – Piazza S DomenicoAugust, 3 – Emma Dante.

- dance

T – Piazza S DomenicoJuly,,26 – Luciana Savignano

- music

T – Piazza S DomenicoJune,8 – Skin, DJ Live set

T – Piazza S DomenicoJuly, 14 – Anat Cohen

T – Piazza S DomenicoJuly, 16 – Maya Beiser

T – Piazza S DomenicoAugust, 4 – Roy Assaf, Noa Shadur

- architecture (by Ordine Architetti PPC Arezzo)

U – Piazza S Jacopo – Carmen Andriani

V – Dejeuner sur l’herbe




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