icastica 2014 - Arezzo

From June 14 to October 31 in Arezzo.

And here is the first information regarding figurative , 2014, which will be inaugurated on Saturday, June 14th at the Town Hall of Arezzo. As happened for the first edition , the exhibition curated by Fabio Improved and made possible thanks to the Councillor for Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Arezzo Prof. Pasquale Joseph Macri , will feature visual arts, theater, music and games. Many artists of international renown and the headquarters towns involved , both indoors and outdoors. The big difference compared to the edition , 2013, is that the entire route will be open free of charge except for the following venues no municipalities in which there is a reduced ticket : Patron State Archaeological Museum , Museum of Giorgio Vasari's House , Museo Casa Ivan Bruschi , Palace of the Fraternity , the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art . Icastic 2014, the second edition of a cultural event that is the aesthetics internationally through art, entertainment , study days . Icastic 2014 focuses on the theme of rebirth , according to the criterion of " good crisis " , the phenomenon that arises at the origin of everything, because everything originates from . When you think of the concept of generation , it is in fact possible to distance themselves from the terms of creative violence from which comes the peace and balance . Hence the concept of the negative as an opportunity ... The art , as a dimension of experience, then the story, here is the call to symbolize what is around the " point of crisis" ; is all that surrounds the awareness of the solution; is catharsis , sublimated path.

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