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The way of water, discovering the Vasari aqueduct

An amazing experience to discover one of the most beautiful hydraulic engineering works of the world, commissioned by the “Fraternita dei Laici” in late 1560 and designed by Giorgio Vasari.

The excursion retraces the journey that water still does today from the slopes of the Alpe di Poti to the public spring of Piazza Grande located in the center of Arezzo. During the first part of the journey, we will see the “conserve” (water reservoir) and blowers of the filtering tunnel from the valley of “Cognaia” heads towards “San Fabiano”. In the intermediate section, we will climb up to the top of the hill of “Poggio Mendico” to admire the conformation of the ground that allows operating the entire aqueduct. From “Poggio Mendico”, we will go down to “Villa Severi”, and from there, we will walk up to the most suggestive stretch of the aqueduct, the outer one, where we will admire the 52 arches that support the hanging conduct up the threshold of the Medici Fortress. The last steps will be in the historic center along the impressive walls of the Medici Fortress to “Piazza Grande”, where even today: “The fountain is the symbol of the activity and soul of the Fraternita dei Laici of Arezzo for over 700 years. Giving water to the thirsty is a work of mercy, which is carried out in civil society with the fountain of Piazza Grande”. (Pierluigi Rossi, Rettore of the Fraternita). Not only a simple drop of water, but a journey through time and the historical roots of a thousand-year-old city.

Places of interest: via delle conserve, villa severi, Archi Acquedotto, fortezza di Arezzo, piazza Grande

Difficulty: E= Easy (according to the difficulty scale of Cai - Club Alpino Italiano )
Departure point: Arezzo, Molinelli
Arrival point: Piazza Grande
Path length: 8 km
Municipal areas crossed: Arezzo
The guide


Environmental hiking guide, mountaineer and Technician Of The National Corps Alpine and Speleological rescue has always been involved in outdoor. Great lover of nature and conservation of the latter has been engaged for years in his city in the development of the culture of slow tourism and sustainable. The routes it offers are rich not only in nature but also in culture and history.

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